1hr 30mins
Dir: Peter Yates
Starring: Eric Sykes and Julia Foster

An office clerk recreates the Old Bailey in his house and puts his son on trial

This rather absurd surrealist comedy is an adaptation of the play by N. F. Simpson. There is a scene where Jonathan Miller studies a ‘speak your weight’ machine on the Metropolitan Line platforms of Baker Street Underground station with good shots of A60 stock working Metropolitan Line services (two vehicles are No’s.6134 and 6135). The story centres upon him stealing the ‘speak your weight’ machines and successfully teaching them to sing!

A train of A60 stock arrives into Baker Street station working a Metropolitan Line service to Uxbridge. The A60 stock was still quite new at the time.
It isn’t always a train that can provide interest. Sometimes a sign says it all.
Jonathan Miller just manages to board an A stock train as its doors close
Having opened these scenes with an A stock train arriving, we close with one departing. Here we see vehicles 6134 and 6135.