1hr 42mins
Dirs: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
Starring: Godfrey Tearle and Eric Portman

An RAF Wellington bomber is grounded after a raid and its crew are helped to safety by the Dutch Resistance

This classic wartime drama is considered ‘one of the best of British films of the era’ despite it being a wartime propaganda film made under the authority of the Ministry of Information. Although it is set in Holland, only a limited amount of work was undertaken there due to wartime restrictions. Most of the filming took place in Lincolnshire, centering on Boston, and the scene by the railway swing bridge used the LNER swing bridge on the Boston Docks branch. The film’s running time was cut by twenty minutes for release in the US.

Playing the part of a Dutch port, this is in fact the railway swing bridge across the River Witham in Boston, Lincolnshire. Incredibly, this bridge is still in use by the railway today.