1hr 29mins
Dir: Walter Forde
Starring: Vera Lynn and Donald Stewart

A young singer meets a man who is the victim of a kidnap plot, and is assumed by the gang to be his girlfriend

This wartime musical comedy features a curious opening scene where girls on bikes morph into the wheels of an LMS 2-6-0, probably a model! This is then followed by a going away shot of an LMS express hauled by a ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0 and a particularly fine passing shot of a Southern Railway express hauled by ‘Lord Nelson’ Class 4-6-0 No.852 Sir Walter Raleigh. The sequence ends with a final overview of London Waterloo with two locomotives ‘on the blocks’, both of which appear to be Drummond 4-4-0’s. The platform scenes and the train interiors used studio sets, typical of the wartime restrictions prevalent at the time.

I am not sure exactly what this is, but I think it shows the close up of the wheels and motion of a Bassett-Lowke model. Note the lack of valve gear!
The locomotive at the head of this LMS express is probably a ‘Black Five’
From the LMS to the Southern, and ‘Lord Nelson 4-6-0 No.852 Sir Walter Raleigh
Another shot of the Southern Railway express as it passes the camera at speed
This is London Waterloo, with two locomotives present at the bufferstops. Next to the platform 5 sign is the front end of what is likely to be a Drummond D15 Class 4-4-0. The locomotive further back on platform 8 is tender first. Despite the number being visible, it is far from clear. It is another Drummond 4-4-0, possibly K10 Class No.391.