59 mins
Dir: Robert Tronson
Starring: Emrys Jones and Sarah Lawson

A prisoner escapes with the help of an associate of his boss who wants to know the whereabouts of stolen bonds

This crime thriller has a short scene filmed at Bookham station, with 4 SUB EMU No.4726 arriving into the platform. The film was re-released in 1963 as part of The Edgar Wallace Mysteries though its original release year was 1957.

Bookham station in Surrey with a 4 SUB arriving into platform 1 on a London-bound service. To be more specific, the unit is No.4726, and it is working a headcode 3 Portsmouth & Southsea-Waterloo via Bookham service.
With some delightful period signage in the foreground, Emrys Jones legs it over the bridge to catch the by now stationary train