Dir: Anthony Asquith
Starring: David Knight and Marie Lohr

An American’s Glyndebourne opera visit is interspersed with a dramatised tour of the town

This short and colourful semi-documentary film, was very discreetly aimed at potential American audiences fascinated by British eccentricities. It features a railway journey at the beginning that opens with a shot of the frontage to London Victoria and ends with a brief scene filmed at Lewes, with a runby of 4 LAV EMU’s for good measure. However, the platform departure scene at Victoria disappointingly used a set.

An interesting view of London’s Victoria station
The Victoria station set. Note the BEXHILL destination board on the ‘train’ on the right.
A formation of 4 LAV EMU’s run through a shallow cutting somewhere on the Southern Region
A lovely overview of Lewes station. Note the Pullman coach in the consist of the train.
Having opened with a shot of the frontage to Victoria, we close with a shot of the frontage to Lewes