1hr 27mins
Dir: Fritz Umgelter
Starring: Freddy Quinn and Cordula Trantow

An Irish fisherman travels to Dublin where he is accused of murder after a jewel theft goes wrong

This German crime drama was filmed entirely in Ireland, with a scene filmed at a quiet Westland Row station where coaching stock is present but no locomotives. There is, however, a single shot later in the film of an AEC 2600 Class DMU passing through the rooftops of the city. The name of the film translates into English as Only the Wind.

This is Westland Row station in Dublin. It would not be renamed Pearse station until 1966
This rather interesting angle at platform level shows the station architecture in finer detail
The carriages wait invitingly with doors open whilst police search for their suspect
Police continue their search of the carriages
Before finally ‘having a word’ with Gottfried Herbe in a quiet corner of the station
As Gottfried Herbe looks out of his hotel window, a Class 2600 DMU traverses the elevated section of railway through Dublin’s street