1hr 45mins
Dir: Les Blair
Starring: Bob Geldof and Alison Steadman

A down on his luck Irishman in London decides to play snooker for money

Despite having a supporting cast that included Phil Daniels, P. H. Moriarty, Mel Smith and Alfred Molina, this sporting drama is pretty terrible. It features one scene early on that is filmed adjacent to a railway station in south London with a 4 VEP EMU speeding through, but it is unknown exactly where this scene was filmed. Later, there are some scenes filmed on the promenade in Blackpool and in one shot there is a semi-distant, partly obscured view of a Balloon tramcar. The film was released in some countries as Streetwise.

The BR sign in the background of this shot tells us that it marks the entrance to a railway station. This is included in the hope that someone may be able to identify the location. In the mean time, Mel Smith is about to get into his car.
As he drives off, the camera pans around, just as the rear of a Class 423 4 VEP unit passes by
Alison Steadman and Bob Geldof on the beach at Blackpool with a Balloon tramcar in the background
The tram is passing behind the people in this closer view. Its lower deck is largely out of view.