1hr 29mins
Dir: Seth Holt
Starring: George Nader and Maggie Smith

Shunned by the criminal underworld, an escaped prisoner finds that his attempts to recover his stashed loot end in failure

This crime drama has some good railway scenes in the film that largely consist of some atmospheric night shots filmed on the disused platforms of Kew Bridge station. The platforms are on the curve between New Kew Junction and Kew East Junction and were closed in 1940 though the station remains open with platforms on the Hounslow Loop. The derelict platforms seen in this film are still extant today. Later, there is a departure scene filmed at London Marylebone station with what looks to be an ex-LNER 4-6-0 lurking amongst the shadows and the coaching stock.

A night shot at the deserted eastern curve platforms of Kew Bridge station. These platforms closed in 1940 but the platforms on the southern curve are still open. The high wall on the right belonged to Brentford Market.
Another view that gives off a good atmosphere
This view shows that the platform buildings were still largely intact, eighteen years after the last train called
This is Marylebone and a steam loco is present on the right. It maybe an ex-LNER 4-6-0.