1hr 20mins
Dir: Monty Banks
Starring: George Formby and Florence Desmond

A chimney sweep from Wigan dreams of winning the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

Although George Formby had already made two moderately successful films, No Limit was the film that put him on the road to stardom. This classic musical comedy is still regarded as one of his best and funniest, featuring good songs and numerous stunts. Most of the film was shot on location on the Isle of Man where there are brief glimpses of the Douglas horse-drawn trams in a couple of scenes. However, one real train does appear early on in the form of a reversed stock shot of a ‘Royal Scot’ passing through the Lune Gorge.

This shot of a ‘Royal Scot’-hauled LMS express in the Lune Gorge has appeared in quite a few films – A Honeymoon Adventure (1931), Quiet Wedding (1941), The Black Sheep of Whitehall (1942), Next of Kin (1942), The Echo Murders (1945), and The Hangman Waits (1947) – but for its appearance in No Limit it has been reversed
George Formby walks up the path to the Empress Hotel in Douglas as a horse-drawn tram passes in the background