1hr 36mins
Dir: Cornel Wilde
Starring: Nigel Davenport and Jean Wallace

When London is overwhelmed by food riots caused by a global famine, a man tries to lead his family to safety in Scotland

This apocalyptic science fiction film is an adaptation of John Christopher’s 1956 novel The Death of Grass. Although no actual trains feature there are a couple of interesting railway scenes. First, there is an ambush scene that takes place on a level crossing, which was filmed at Park South signal box between Barrow and Askam on the old Furness Railway in Cumbria. Later, there is a scene that is shot beneath Ribblehead Viaduct on the Settle-Carlisle line, a structure that is surprisingly lacking in feature film appearances though it would later appear more prominently in Sightseers (qv).

This is the level crossing at Park South. The road is called St. Helens and it leads to the hamlet of Thwaite Flat, some of the houses of which can be seen in the background
Nigel Davenport looks up at Park South signal box
Looking north from the level crossing towards Askam. The base of the signal box is on the right. At the time of writing the crossing gates and signal box are still in operation, but the scene is now dominated by the A590 road bridge which crosses the line immediately in front of the camera.
Family groups meet on Batty Moss in rebellious circumstances with Ribblehead Viaduct towering behind