1hr 39mins
Dir: Dennis Abey
Starring: Peter Denyer and Sheila Steafel

When pop music is banned from television, a man and his assistant take to the road in search of groups to play at a concert

This bizarre musical features one rather odd scene whereby a driver parks a van on a level crossing with the aim of it being destroyed by a passing train. What actually happens is that a hand-pump trolley approaches and then, to the amazement of the van driver, passes right through the vehicle. It is not known where this scene was filmed, and the steam locomotive noises only add to its surreal nature. The film is unbearably poor and so badly acted as to be almost totally unwatchable, but then come the last 20 minutes and they are worth the wait. Three bands (The Rubettes, Mud and The Glitter Band) each perform two of their hits on stage and here the photography and the editing are pretty much perfect giving one the impression that this was really a music video and not a film at all.

The van is sat on the level crossing as a hand-pump trolley approaches, its path apparently blocked by the offending vehicle. There are some possible clues as to this location. The set of points in the top left hand background suggests that the single track line is splitting to form a passing loop at a station whilst in the bottom foreground there is a distinctive bridge across a small stream.
In a puff of smoke the trolley has passed right through the van