The Dutch title card which when translated reads: The Secrets of London. Drama in 3 Acts

Dir: A. E. Coleby
Starring: Wingold Lawrence and Flora Morris

A woman loses both her parents when only young and once grown up she falls in with a bad crowd

This three-part silent melodrama has been released through the National Film Archive Collection. The film’s main historical point of interest lies in the still recognisable central London locations, but Dutch intertitles and copious amounts of heavy print damage suggest we are lucky that any part of the film has survived at all. As with most silent filmmakers and their films, the majority of output has been lost. The frontage to Charing Cross station appears in both Parts Two and Three of the film, whilst a tram can just be made out in the background to one of the final street scenes in Part Three. The film’s Dutch title was De Geheimen van Londen (‘The Secrets of London’).

Charing Cross station in 1915
The tram is just visible in the background haze between the two buildings and to the right of the lamppost