1hr 08mins
Dir: Bill Douglas
Starring: Stephen Archibald and Jesse Combe

With no hope on the horizon, a young lad is conscripted into the RAF, where he unexpectedly finds freedom and friendship

This was the third and final installment of Bill Douglas’ trilogy about his early life, but it featured nothing railway related except for a stock shot of the departure boards at Waterloo and another of the railway lines at Clapham Junction, neither without any trains! The film was preceded by My Childhood in 1972 and My Ain Folk in 1973 (both qv).

No trains are shown on the departure boards at Waterloo as it is implied in the film that there is a strike on.
There really must be a strike on! This rather desolate shot of the tracks at Clapham Junction is devoid of trains altogether. Normally, such random shots would not warrant inclusion in this A-Z, but as the film forms part of a trilogy I have decided to include it here.