1hr 42mins
Dir: Harold French
Starring: Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray

An English doctor and his second wife raise the son of his brother killed in World War I

This rather tragic drama includes a scene filmed at Aston Rowant station on the Watlington branch and though a train arrives we only see the carriages. There are also several scenes filmed at an industrial foundry with a number of open wagons visible in the yard.

Michael Denison and Ronald Howard arrive at Aston Rowant station
In search of the brothers, Beatrice Campbell arrives at the station. This shot shows the small wooden goods shed to good effect.
This is all we see of the train which has at least one third class carriage in its consist.
This rail served foundry appears several times in the film. The wagon in this view is branded LNWR but GWR wagons are also present in other shots. What is interesting here is that the London & North Western Railway ceased to exist in 1923 when it merged with others to form part of the LMS empire. Could this therefore be a matted shot or a model? Or is this a genuine stock shot??