55 mins
Dir: Bill Douglas
Starring: Stephen Archibald and Helena Gloag

Having been left to fend for himself, a young boy’s hardship continues

The second part of Bill Douglas’ biographic drama features a scene where Douglas’ Grandfather is standing on a railway contemplating suicide. A train of 16T minerals passes on an adjacent line hauled by N.C.B. No.17 WEST AYR AREA, Andrew Barclay 0-6-0T No.1338 of 1913. It is not known exactly where this was filmed, but it is probably on the former National Coal Board system at Waterside in Ayrshire. Staying in service until 1977, the loco is now preserved. The trilogy began with My Childhood and ended with My Way Home (both qv). ‘Ain’, incidentally, is Scottish dialect for ‘own’.

Contemplating suicide, Grandfather (played by a Mr. Munroe) stands on an unidentified railway line, almost certainly a part of the Ayrshire coalfield
N. C. B. No.17 WEST AYR AREA passes behind.
This is a much clearer view of the loco, Andrew Barclay 0-6-0T No.1338 of 1913. With thanks to Preserved British Steam Locomotives and Tony Wright.