1hr 20mins
Dir: Montgomery Tully
Starring: William Hartnell and Dinah Sheridan

Having served a fifteen year prison sentance for murder, an elderly man plans revenge on the man he is supposed to have killed

This thriller was a successful film in its time, and it was shown at the British Film Institute on the big screen in June 2010 to great success, selling out the auditorium. Based on a story called Query by ‘Seamark’, it is a worthy spectacle with a strong cast. The film features a shot of William Hartnell boarding a train at Bricket Wood station in Hertfordshire, said in the story to be ‘somewhere close to Dartmoor’. We then have a shot of an express passing in the hands of an LMS ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0, and a shot of the Praed Street ramp at Paddington station.

This pleasant looking station has been identified as Bricket Wood, a regular in feature film. This is a view from the now removed former down platform looking south west towards Garston.
William Hartnell is perhaps best remembered for being the first Doctor Who, but sometime before this he boarded a train as part of the story in Murder in Reverse. Although we do not see it arrive, which is usually a sign of it being a set, the reflections in the windows prove beyond doubt that this is a real train.
An LMS ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0 passes the camera at the head of an express
A lovely shot of the Praed Street entrance to Paddington station
This is an altogether less familiar view of Paddington, as seen from the corner of London Street with Praed Street. The dark and somewhat foreboding entrance to the Bakerloo Line is in the centre of the shot.