1hr 03mins
Dir: Max Varnel
Starring: Norman Rodway and Yvonne Buckingham

After denouncing a famous painting as a forgery, an art expert is killed by a hit and run driver

This crime drama was one of a number of British B movies from the period that were in fact filmed in Ireland. In a street scene in Dublin, a General Motors B121 single cab diesel-electric passes by at the end of the row of houses in its original, as-delivered, silver and yellow livery.

This is Island Ville in Dublin, with Railway Terrace in the background. CIE coaches can be seen standing on the railway line between Westland Row and Lansdowne Road stations.
A split second later and a B121 single cab diesel trundles past in its original livery. This loco would have been almost brand new at the time of filming, possibly as little as two or three months old.