2hrs 29mins
Dir: Kunal Kohli
Starring: Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor

A young man in England who regularly mails his childhood sweetheart in India is unaware that the replies he receives are written by another girl

The title of this Indian Hindi romantic drama translates as ‘Will you be my friend?’. The film features a couple of shots of Canary Wharf Underground station and a couple of brief scenes filmed onboard a 1996-built Jubilee Line train. There is also a shot of the frontage to Charing Cross station.

These are the escalators at Canary Wharf Underground station on the Jubilee Line
Whilst this is a later view outside the station. The curved glass roof of the entrance is clearly visible behind the actors.
Hrithik Roshan larking about onboard a train of 1996 stock forming a Jubilee Line service
It isn’t all Underground. This is the frontage of Charing Cross main line station.