1hr 34mins
Dir: Ben Kellett
Starring: Brendan O’Carroll and Jennifer Gibney

Agnes Brown goes to court to protect her family’s market stall from developers

This big screen spin-off of the Irish television sitcom was truly awful, and not a success, yet it was still the highest grossing Irish film of 2014. There is one aerial shot of the River Liffey halfway through the film and two trains formed of DART EMU’s can be seen running along Dublin’s electrified railway as it skirts through the landscape.

Aerial views of the Thames in London are very common. but similar views of the Liffey in Dublin not so. Talbot Memorial Bridge is towards the bottom of this shot with the railway bridge over the river in the upper centre. Follow the railway line to the left and the right and one can quite clearly see green-liveried DART EMU’s, that towards the bottom left is standing in Tara Street station.