1hr 44mins
Dir: Bill Condon
Starring: Ian McKellen and Laura Linney

A 93-year old Sherlock Holmes struggles to recall the details of his final case because his mind is slowly deteriorating

This mystery is based on Mitch Cullin’s 2005 novel A Slight Trick of the Mind, a US portrait of Sherlock Holmes in old age that bears little resemblance to the Arthur Conan Doyle novels known to all. Despite this, and the fact that it lacks Baker Street bite, concentrating as it does instead on the fleeting musings of Mr. Holmes, the film is a pleasant delight, with Ian McKellen excelling in his portrayal of an ailing Holmes. It features the usual period scenes filmed on the Bluebell Railway, with Sheffield Park and Horsted Keynes stations featuring, the latter appearing as ‘Cuckmere Haven’. Vintage Southern Railway coaching stock and more modern BR ‘blood and custard’ liveried Mk.1’s are present in these scenes, along with ex-GWR 5600 Class 0-6-2T No.5643 in the background of the scene at Sheffield Park. The opening aerial views, meanwhile, feature some really good shots of ex-LMS Class 5MT ‘Black 5’ 4-6-0 No.44767 George Stephenson with maroon Mk.1’s on the North Norfolk Railway. The Japanese station of Hiroshima is portrayed by Tilbury Riverside, closed in 1992, but still intact and in use as an Arts Centre. The station building appears with much additional furniture and signage, with a CGI train just visible beyond the ticket barrier.

This is the first of several fine aerial shots of the train on the North Norfolk Railway, hauled by ‘Black Five’ No.44767 George Stephenson
Rounding the headland with the North Sea in the background. Very flat is Norfolk. Well this part certainly is not as the line features some seriously stiff grades.
Steaming well, George Stephenson heads through the countryside
A close up view of the loco
With the setting sun behind it, the train passes beneath an occupation bridge
Mr. Holmes alights from the train at Horsted Keynes station, on the Bluebell Railway
Looking through the booking office of Horsted Keynes to the classic village signpost standing outside on Station Approach
Mr. Holmes is framed between two carriages as he sits on a bench at Sheffield Park station
And Hattie Morahan is framed in a similarly arty shot
In the background of this scene at Sheffield Park ex-GWR 5600 Class 0-6-2T No.5643 can be espied
This is the former Tilbury Riverside station, closed in 1992, and temporarily decked out as a Japanese station
The old Tilbury Riverside station, seen from the ferry pontoon