1hr 15mins
Dir: Arthur Crabtree
Starring: Greta Gynt and Ron Randell

A rich and successful Doctor is called out in the middle of the night to visit a private patient but never returns home

This crime thriller features some scenes at London Paddington station with a good shot of a train leaving Platform 1 behind ‘Castle’ Class 4-6-0 No.7007 Great Western. Another locomotive is at the head of a train in the adjacent platform and although only the tender is visible, it would appear to be a King judging by its size. The train journey that follows consists of the usual interior mock ups interspersed with footplate shots and inaccurate run-bys, one of an express hauled by an ex-LNER A2 Class 4-6-2 and one of a short van train hauled by an ex-GWR 4300-series 2-6-0!

Greta Gynt at London Paddington
‘Castle’ Class 4-6-0 No.7007 Great Western pulls slowly away from Platform 1 at Paddington. The tender in the adjacent platform 2 looks to belong to a ‘King’.
Although of relatively poor quality this passing express is in the hands of an ex-LNER A2 Class 4-6-2
This much clearer shot shows a parcels train of four vans hauled by an ex-GWR 4300-series 2-6-0