1hr 37mins
Dir: Karel Reisz
Starring: David Warner and Vanessa Redgrave

An aggressive fantasist uses his flights of fancy as refuge from reality resulting in no end of trouble

Time does strange things to some films. Morgan was considered one of British cinemas most memorable movies from an era of memorable movies, but this black fantasy eccentric oddity has not worn well at all. Today, this bizarre motion picture simply comes across as just plain odd. The film includes some fantasy scenes filmed in Chelsea Basin Goods Yard, and a large number of BR 16T mineral wagons can be seen, along with a rail mounted steam crane, and an ex-GWR ‘Toad’ brake van. In the background of a couple of shots is a Class 08 diesel shunter although the views are far from distinct. In addition, there is an earlier scene filmed in the ticket hall of Notting Hill Gate Underground station, plus a shot of an ex-GWR ‘Hall’ hauling a night freight, the consist of which is mainly formed of cattle trucks. This latter shot is taken from the 1952 British Transport Films production Train Time. The screenplay for this ‘comedy’ was adapted by David Mercer, based on his 1962 BBC television play A Suitable Case for Treatment.

These are the escalators at Notting Hill Gate on the Central Line
And this is the ticket hall of Notting Hill Gate Underground station
The first view of Chelsea Basin Goods Yard. The wagons are mostly open minerals.
People ride on horseback through the yard as part of Morgan’s dream. An ex-GWR ‘Toad’ brake van is over to the right. Note that Morgan is in bed on a bogie well wagon!
The night-time goods. An ex-GWR ‘Hall’ Class 4-6-0 passes the camera on a mixed freight. This is a stock shot from the BTF production Train Time, and it appears somewhat ‘out of sync’ with the rest of the shots in the film.
A busy scene at Chelsea Basin Goods Yard. The crane on the left looks to be about 10 foot gauge (!). Slap bang in the centre of the picture is an 08 diesel shunter, coupled to a ‘Toad’ brake van, which is in turn coupled to a small bogie well wagon.
This cropped image shows the ensemble much more clearly
In this final view of Chelsea Basin, another ‘Toad’ can be seen coupled to another well wagon. Chelsea Basin Goods closed on 11th September 1981 after years of decline.