1hrs 44mins
Dir: Neil Jordan
Starring: Bob Hoskins and Cathy Tyson

An ex-con is given the job as a chauffeur to a high-class prostitute

This mystery drama features railways as the backdrop to several scenes. One early on in the film has Bob Hoskins standing at Lombard Wharf on the banks of the River Thames and a three-car Class 119 DMU crosses behind him on Chelsea Bridge. There is also a distant view looking down Glycena Road, Battersea, and a blue & grey-liveried Class 455 is passing through the landscape. One point of interest is that the so-called King’s Cross ‘red light’ area is in fact the old Pindar Street road bridge that crossed the northern end of Liverpool Street station, and which has now been completely removed following the station’s redevelopment. In one elevated shot, the platforms of the station can be clearly made out, but no trains are visible. Finally, a scene is filmed in Pancras Road, and part of St Pancras station forms the backdrop.

Bob Hoskins on Lombard Wharf with Chelsea Bridge behind. The Class 119 DMU is top right.
Looking down Glycena Road in Battersea, SW11, and a distant Class 455 can be seen passing through the landscape
This is Pinder Street road bridge that formally crossed over the northern end of Liverpool Street station, the platforms of which can be seen quite clearly ‘down’ to the left of this early morning scene. The bridge was removed when the station was completely redeveloped.
The brickwork and Gothic arches give this location away. Bob Hoskins leaves a ‘caff’ in the undercroft of St Pancras station in the part that fronts Pancras Road.