1hr 39mins
Dir: Val Guest
Starring: Arthur Askey and Evelyn Dall

A glamorous young American arrives in London to take over her half of her late father’s personal escort service

This popular wartime comedy musical has an opening scene filmed at London Waterloo with Anne Shelton singing “The 8.50 Choo Choo For Waterloo Choo”. The station platforms, concourse and carriages all appear to be studio sets, but there is an opening shot of the bufferstops and concourse, and a number of EMU’s are present. There is also a shot of the station frontage which is surprisingly rare in feature film. Although the film’s official title used the ‘Ltd.’ abbreviation most posters depicted the word ‘Limited’.

A packed Waterloo station concourse with plenty of electric stock in the platforms beyond
Evelyn Dall walks down the Victory Arch steps towards Waterloo station’s cab road
Evelyn Dall takes a taxi