33 mins
Dir: Jon Schorstein
Starring: Bill Forsyth and Alison Mackenzie

After she packs a suitcase and leaves, a young would-be writer searches the streets of Glasgow for his missing girlfriend

This short drama has some busy scenes filmed at Glasgow Central station with plenty of trains coming and going. These largely consist of Class 303 EMU’s, but a rarer Class 311 is also present, along with DMU’s of Classes 101 and 105. There is also a scene filmed adjacent to the bridge over the River Clyde outside Central station and some DMU’s can be seen crossing, though they are largely obscured by the structure of the bridge itself making identification very difficult. In addition, there is a shot of the frontage to Glasgow Queen Street station – Central’s little sister just across town.

The hustle and bustle of an inner-city terminal. This is Glasgow Central station one day in 1970.
Another shot of the busy concourse, only this time from ground level
One of the famed Glasgow ‘Blue Trains’, Class 303 EMU No.002, departs on a service to Motherwell via Kirkhill
Two more Class 303’s are in this shot, the one arriving in close up is Unit No.030
Curiously, Unit 002 is then seen arriving. In reality, this arrival scene would have been shot first and its departure to Motherwell just a short while later was then also filmed. Its just that the sequences were placed in the wrong order by the production team.
At first glance this appears to be another Class 303, but in fact Unit 110 is the last of the 19 near-identical Class 311’s. Quite a rare unit to have been caught on film.
A different ‘set 110’ – in this case a Met-Camm Class 101 DMU – is captured on arrival with passengers already opening the doors
Class 101 DMU set No.106 stands alongside a well-filled Class 105 Cravens DMU
Bill Forsyth stands alone by the bufferstops having watched a train depart
This excellent long-lens view captures the departure of a Class 105 Cravens DMU, leaving on a local service. BR Mark 1 full brakes in parcels use stand on the right.
In this view from King George V Bridge, Bill Forsyth looks up at the massive structure of the Clyde River Bridge that takes the railway across the river and into Central station, behind the camera to the left. A drunk, meanwhile, looks down at the water below!!
Although an awful lot smaller than nearby Central station, the entrance to Glasgow Queen Street still dominates the background of this shot with its beautiful fan-shaped glazing