1hr 20mins
Dir: John Harlow
Starring: David Farrar and Kathleen Harrison

Important documents are stolen from a deadman killed during an air raid, and the War Office call in Sexton Blake to investigate

This supporting feature drama was based on the novel The Mystery of the Free Frenchman by Anthony Parsons, and is one of a whole host of films, plays, radio adaptations, comic strips, and novels based on the ficitional detective Sexton Blake, who first appeared in the Harry Blyth story The Missing Millionaire, published in the story paper The Halfpenny Marvel in 1893. This film features a scene at a railway station in the dead of night. The concourse was probably a set, but a stock footage shot of a ‘London terminus’ is used to open the scene.

Although it is very dark, the roofline tells us that this is a railway station, yet nothing much else can really be made out