1hr 48mins
Dir: Tom Clegg
Starring: Roger Daltrey and Cheryl Campbell

The true story of escaped convict John McVicar

This drama was based on the non-fiction book McVicar by Himself, written by John McVicar, and describing several months of his experiences in prison. It features a couple of interesting railway scenes whilst he is on the run in the second half of the film. In a shot filmed at dusk, Roger Daltrey is making his way down a double-track railway line where he hides from a 07-series Plasser & Theurer track machine which passes by in extreme closeup. Unfortunately, it is not known where this sequence was filmed. Interestingly, the track machine is carrying a sticker in the window that reads ‘Captain America’s Team Racing’ but it’s identity is otherwise unknown. Later, he makes a den behind an advertising hoarding next to a railway bridge. The location of this was Norden Road in Maidenhead, and a Class 50 is seen passing with an express formed of Mk2 coaching stock. Finally, there is a brief glimpse of the frontage to St Pancras station in one of the London scenes. Although that is common enough, both the track machine and the Class 50 are rare for a feature film.

Roger Daltrey on a double-track railway line at dusk
A Class 50 is captured about to cross Norden Road bridge in Maidenhead
Although the ‘Hoover’ remains unidentified it is one with a small nameplate
The frontage to St. Pancras station