Dir: Montgomery Tully
Starring: Lee Patterson and Rona Anderson

An insurance investigator looks into a suspicious fire that burned down a nightclub and uncovers a protection racket

Some of this low-budget crime drama was filmed around the streets of Battersea and Wandsworth, an area that is criss-crossed by railway viaducts and bridges. In one shot, the elevated signal box at West London Junction is prominent in the background with a couple vintage electric units passing.

Lee Patterson is in Culvert Road, SW11, with the British Flag public house to his left. In the background, what might be a 2 BIL is passing beneath West London Junction signal box on the South Western main line. The car incidentally, is a Ford Consul Convertible MkII with Northumberland plates.
Lee Patterson has just left the Bagley Arms public house on the corner of Culvert Road and Brougham Street in Battersea. At the bottom of the road another EMU passes by though it is less distinct this time.