Dir: Robert Tronson
Starring: Paul Stassino and Elvi Hale

A petty thief sets a chain of events in motion when he steals counterfeit money being held for someone else

This crime thriller was one of a series of rather fine second feature films based on Edgar Wallace novels that were released between 1960 and 1965 in British cinemas. This lively little number features a climax where the villain is pursued by police through a railway freight yard, and is killed by a light locomotive running tender first. Filmed somewhere on the Southern Region, the deadly locomotive remains unidentified, but there are a lot of mineral, plank and covered wagons on display, as well as some CCT parcels vans. Although the location for this finale is not known it could be Feltham, as some overhead electrification can be seen in one shot. In addition to this, there are several other scenes filmed at a lock-up garage with Latchmere Junction signal box visible on an embankment in the background. In one shot a lengthy mixed freight is passing by but the loco is not visible. Finally, there are several glimpses of Latchmere Viaduct itself, plus a shot of the entrance to Barons Court Underground station.

Barons Court Underground station, on the corner of Gliddon Road and Margravine Gardens
This is Latchmere Viaduct, and it appears in a number of shots in the film. It carries the Latchmere Curve, which connects Clapham Junction with the West London Line.
This, meanwhile, is Latchmere Juunction signal box
Later, a lengthy mixed freight passes by on the embankment largely blocking the signal box from view
The final climax ends here, at a large freight yard on the Southern Region. It could be Feltham as there is evidence of overhead electrification. In some areas such as yards the Southern believed it posed too much of a risk to lay down the third rail so put up overhead catenary instead.
The thrilling chase dives in and out of wagons…….
…..before culminating in the killer being killed. The culprit is this locomotive running tender first, and it might just be an ex-SECR C Class 0-6-0.
A final view of the yard with a whole host of wagon types on display