1hr 32mins
Dir: Mike Vardy
Starring: Kenneth Haigh and Nanette Newman

An executive finds his firm is marketing an unsafe drug

This drama was spun off from the television series Man at the Top which itself was inspired by the 1959 film Room at the Top (qv) and its 1965 sequel Life at the Top (qv). However, it was not deemed a success, mainly because the cast was entirely different to the original films, Laurence Harvey for instance, who had starred in the first two films, died the year that this movie came out. Social attitudes had also changed and the ‘kitchen-sink’ reality of the earlier duo was replaced by a more modern outlook on life where success was seen as easily achievable. There is one sequence in this film that is at least a little unusual. Shot from a car on the M1 motorway, a pair of Class 25 diesels on a coal train pass by on the adjacent Midland Main Line. This is in addition to a glimpse of the rear of a passing passenger train, captured somewhere in the vicinity of the M1 / North Circular interchange.

As he travels up north, Kenneth Haigh stops to pick up a hitch hiker played by Angela Bruce. In the background of this shot an express passenger service passes by. This is thought to be in the vicinity of the North Circular around the Brent area.
What a fabulous shot this is. A pair of Class 25 diesels slog through the pouring rain, hauling a very lengthy coal train formed of 16T minerals. This is the southern end of the Midland Mainline as it runs alongside the M1, much busier now than it was back in 1973!!