1hr 35mins
Dir: Yvan Attal
Starring: Terence Stamp and Charlotte Gainsbourg

A sports journalist becomes obsessively jealous when his actress wife gets a part in a movie with an attractive older co-star

This fine French romantic comedy drama has some brief high-speed track level run-bys of Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ EMU sets on the French side, and all appear to have been filmed at the same lineside location. There are also a couple of scenes filmed onboard a Eurostar and a very brief shot of one of the station entrances to London Waterloo. However, much later there is an excellent shot of a Eurostar passing Factory Junction, Wandsworth, and an equally good middle distance shot of one streaking through the countryside.

A ‘Eurostar’ approaches the camera at 186mph. Before the opening of HS2, the trains only ran beneath the wires on the French side, so all these lineside views were filmed on the continent.
If one looks carefully at this shot, it is the same location as above only reversed!
This is a rare glimpse of one the entrances into Waterloo station off the adjoining Waterloo Road
This somewhat unexpected view shows a Class 373 ‘Eurostar’ passing Factory Junction in Wandsworth, south London
A ‘Eurostar’ streaks through the countryside. Although this looks like France, the apparent lack of overhead masts suggests that this could be somewhere in Kent. Either way, the rainbow is a lovely addition.