1hr 53mins
Dir: Leslie Arliss
Starring: Margaret Lockwood and Stewart Granger

In Cornwall, a half-blind airman falls for an ailing pianist

This famous wartime weepy is based on the short story of the same name by J.W. Drawbell. There is one railway shot, a hilltop view of a branch terminus said to be St. Ives station in Cornwall. A freight train is pulling out and some carriages are parked in the platform as the waves roll gently onto the sandy beach below. The film is set entirely in Cornwall so St. Ives would make perfect sense and at first glance it does appear to be St. Ives. I certainly thought so, but on closer examination this is not the case. The beach is wrong, the cliffs are wrong, the background buildings are wrong and, perhaps most crucially of all, the station is the wrong way round i.e. the train is departing from the wrong end. So where is this?

The as yet unknown station, very similar in appearance to St. Ives in Cornwall.