1hr 26mins
Dir: Victor Saville
Starring: Jack Hulbert and Leonora Corbett

A daily commuter romantically pursues a fellow passenger

A montage sequence near the start of this musical comedy shows various commuting methods and includes a scene at London Waterloo station with an SR 3 SUB EMU and a small tank loco visible. There are also some shots of London ‘Metropolitan’ trams. The entrance to ‘Duchess Street’ Underground station is a set.

This is the morning commute at Waterloo station, and a 3 SUB EMU is most prominent though a small tank loco can be discerned alongside.
A queue files onto a Metropolitan Electric Tramways tram on Finchley Road in Golders Green. The first tram is a B2 whilst the one behind is one of the almost brand new ‘Feltham’ cars.
There does not appear to be nearly enough room for everyone in this closer shot of the passengers boarding an ‘A’ Class tram. Judging by the background rooftops this would appear to be the same location, or somewhere close by. The ownership of the trams as Metropolitan would only be for a few months more as the came under the ownership of the LPTB from July 1933. Much thanks goes to Paul Warner for clarifying the identity of the trams.
And just for the record this is ‘Duchess Street’ Underground station. No such station exists, and this is in any case a set, but it is notable for being based on Charles Holden’s architectural style for the stations on the still relatively new Morden branch extension of the Northern Line. (with thanks to Nick Cooper’s London Underground on film)