1hr 34mins
Dir: John Baxter
Starring: Clifford Evans and Deborah Kerr

Life among cotton workers of a Lancashire mill town during the depression of the 1930s

This realistic drama was adapted from the 1933 novel of the same name by Walter Greenwood and features a number of interesting railway scenes. The first shows a small industrial 0-4-0ST hauling LMS coal wagons in a colliery followed by a ‘going away’ shot at night of an unidentifiable express train passing through a cutting. There are then good scenes in Blackpool that include an excellent shot of LMS Class 4P ‘Compound’ 4-4-0 No.1195 arriving with an excursion train at Blackpool Central station, a distant view of a double-deck tram, and a closer shot of three illuminated trams at night; the ‘Gondola’ tram, the ‘Lifeboat’ tram and the ‘Progress’ double-decker. There is also a brief shot of the Pleasure Beach miniature railway which features a 21-inch gauge Hudswell Clarke steam outline diesel-hydraulic locomotive on a rake of open carriages packed full of passengers. This railway had earlier appeared in the 1934 Gracie Fields musical Sing As We Go (qv), where we get a much better view of it, and are even treated to a ride on it!! There is then one further scene of an industrial factory site with a rake of open wagons present.

This stock shot shows a small industrial saddle tank locomotive hauling LMS coal wagons at a colliery. This is thought to be Silverdale Colliery in Staffordshire.
A night express steams through a cutting
LMS Class 4P ‘Compound’ 4-4-0 No.1195 arrives into Blackpool Central station on an excursion
In this shot of a packed beach at Blackpool, a double-deck tram can be seen running along the promenade centre right
Here is the shot of the miniature Blackpool Pleasure Beach Express
This shot of three illuminated Blackpool trams would reappear in Dual Alibi (1947) – which see
In this shot of wooden planks being hoisted in a yard, there are some open wagons lurking in the shadows on the right