Image result for Love in Waiting 1948

Dir: Douglas Peirce
Starring: David Tomlinson and Elspet Gray

Three young waitresses each find love at a restaurant

This romantic comedy features a couple of brief opening shots of a train pulling away from a platform at night. This is Carnforth, and the shots are from an unused real from Brief Encounter. The station entrance used the same set from David Lean’s Brief Encounter as well!

The train arrives at Carnforth. If the lady in the hat on the left seems familiar that’s because it is Celia Johnson. Astonishingly, this is an unused reel from Brief Encounter, and it shows the infamous branch train to ‘Ketchworth’.
The train departs amid much smoke and steam. A near-identical shot appeared in A Matter of Murder (qv), also released in 1949.
This is the ‘Ketchworth’ station set from Brief Encounter, added here for completeness