1hr 29mins
Dir: Guy Green
Starring: David Farrar and Julia Arnall

The young child of a wealthy US couple is apparently kidnapped and the police trail for evidence

This realistic crime drama uses a lot of outdoor locations one of which is filmed close to a signal box at ‘South Croydon’. Several trains are present in this sequence, including a Southern Region 4 SUB EMU working Headcode 42, but this is not South Croydon. There is a viaduct on the adjacent line that brings another line down behind the signal box and it has been discovered that this was filmed at Hampton Court Junction between Surbiton and Esher on the LSWR main line out of London Waterloo.

A 4 SUB approaches Hampton Court Junction on headcode 42, Waterloo-Guildford via Cobham. It will very shortly diverge at the junction for the route to Guildford.
Railway workers taking a break as trains pass on the embankment above. A 4 SUB electric unit is being overtaken by a main line express as the signal box stands proud.
Julia Arnall recognises her child’s handkerchief as police arrive at the scene. Hampton Court is a ‘double-junction’, with the route to and from Guildford and the branch from Hampton Court diverging on the flat. However, the down Hampton Court is carried over the main routes on a substantial viaduct, shown here complete with train.