1hr 44mins
Dir: Ken Loach
Starring: Graham Green and Carolyn Nicholson

In a depressed town in the north of England, a well-meaning school leaver looks for work whilst drawing dole

This gritty drama was filmed in black and white entirely on location in Sheffield. The opening credit shot as the titles begin to role shows Brown Bayley Steelworks in Darnall, with the former London and North Eastern Railway line run snaking alongside and the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal adjacent to the right of the tracks. No trains are seen but it is an interesting glimpse of an industrial landscape since redeveloped. The railway and canal are still extant, but the steelworks were replaced by the Don Valley Stadium which itself was demolished in 2014.

The railway line snakes its way through the landscape of Darnall, Sheffield, with the Sheffield & Tinsley Canal on the right