1hr 25mins
Dir: Paul Andrew Williams
Starring: Georgia Groome and Lorraine Stanley

A prostitute and a young girl flee to Brighton after killing a London client

This critically-acclaimed drama has scenes filmed at London Waterloo, Brighton and London Victoria stations. In the Waterloo scenes at night, a train can be seen passing along the viaduct opposite the station on its way into Charing Cross, but it is almost completely obscured through editing and is difficult to make out clearly. At Victoria, however, a Class 460 ‘Gatwick Express’ EMU and a pair of Class 455 EMU’s, one of which is No.455808, are seen. The journey to Brighton features a shot of a pair of Class 319 EMU’s passing, but the interior scenes are filmed onboard Mk.1 coaching stock, apparently on the Bluebell Railway. In addition to this, one of the ‘Brighton’ scenes was actually filmed in Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, and a Silverlink-liveried Class 313 EMU can just be made out passing in the background. The film had been inspired by Royalty (qv). The DVD of the film includes Royalty as an extra, as well as behind the scenes glimpses of filming taking place at Waterloo and onboard the Mk.1.

This is a view looking into Victoria station from Terminus Place
The almost deserted concourse at Victoria in the dead of night with just a few stragglers waiting for their last train home
In the centre of this shot, Southern Class 455 unit number 455808 is pulling out on an early morning service. To its left is another Class 455, whilst on the right is a rare and partly obscured view of a ‘Gatwick Express’ Class 460.
A pair of Thameslink Class 319’s pass through a deep cutting somewhere on the Brighton main line
All we really see of Brighton station is this shot of the ticket barriers
The steps outside the main entrance to London Waterloo
Lorraine Stanley walks towards the exit at Waterloo
Just visible through the trees in the top right of this shot is a Silverlink Class 313 EMU working a North London Line service. This is an area off Wallis Road, London E9 that is very close to Hackney Wick station.
The crew are captured filming onboard a Mk.1 coach in this scene taken from the ‘behind the scenes’ extras