1hr 52mins
Dir: Sidney Gilliat
Starring: Richard Attenborough and Fay Compton

When a young man is wrongfully arrested on a murder charge his friends rally around to help him

This drama was based on the 1945 novel of the same name by Norman Collins and should not be confused with the seven-part mini-series made by Thames Television and shown in 1977. The book was released in the US as Dulcimer Street, hence the alternate title of the film. The opening titles roll to an aerial trip down the Thames which appear to show some trams on several of the bridges but the views are not that distinct. However, this panning sequence ends with a much clearly view overlooking Vauxhall station, first stop out of Waterloo. A tram does make a much clearer appearance in one of the later London street scenes around Westminster.

This view looking down the Thames shows what appears to be a tram crossing Blackfriars Bridge in the lower left foreground. The OXO Tower forms a familiar landmark upper left.
Vauxhall station
As a pamphleteer cycles down a street near Westminster a tram gives chase behind.