1hr 44mins
Dir: Jay Lewis
Starring: Ian Hendry and Liz Fraser

An unscrupulous salesman cheats his boss, lies to his mistress and beds his customers

This fast-paced comedy was based on the 1961 novel All on the Never Never by Jack Lindsay and it features several scenes that are shot on the approach road to Elstree & Borehamwood station. The platforms are visible in the background to one shot with an express passing through though the loco is not seen. In the film, Peter Butterworth lives in the cottage located adjacent to the station where he works. When asked by Ian Hendry what life is like on British Railways, Peter replies, with a contemporary observation of the time, ‘modernising boy, all diesels now, plenty of work, breakdowns all the time’!

This is the approach road to Elstree & Borehamwood station. The cottage on the left is the former station house, now sadly demolished, whilst the platforms are beyond the fence at the bottom of the road. An express is speeding through but the carriages are a mere blur.