1hr 30mins
Dir: James Kenelm Clarke
Starring: Robin Askwith and Fiona Richmond

A dim-witted soldier returns to London after being demobbed at the end of the Second World War, only to find himself suspected of a murder

This typical seventies soft-core comedy caper is not good at all, but it is at least unusual in being set in 1947. It features three stock shots of 1950s Western Region expresses, two hauled by ‘Castle’ Class 4-6-0’s (one of which is No.5060 Earl of Berkeley) and one by a ‘Hall’ Class 4-6-0; not bad realism for images that supposedly represent trains at the end of the 1940s. The film opens with a raucous scene filmed onboard a train on the Bluebell Railway and there are a couple of other scenes filmed at London Marylebone station, though understandably no trains are visible.

This is the first of the stock shots showing Western Region expresses, but it is all we really get to see of the ‘Castle’ on the front
Demobbed soldiers crowd the corridor of a train. This sequence utilised the Bluebell Railway.
This is a much better view of a Western Region express, hauled in this instance by ‘Castle’ Class 4-6-0 No.5060 Earl of Berkeley.
Passengers make their way across the concourse at London Marylebone
Whilst later on a taxi leaves from the station’s main entrance on Melcombe Place
The final shot of an express is not completely clear either, but it shows a train in the hands of a ‘Hall’ Class 4-6-0