1hr 44mins
Dirs: Vadim Jean and Gary Sinyor
Starring: Mark Frankel and Gina Bellman

A Jewish estate agent in London discovers that thanks to an artificial insemination mishap, his real father owns a pig farm in Yorkshire

This brilliant Jewish comedy features a number of scenes filmed from inside the former Marco Polo House, demolished in 2014, which looked out over the viaducts close to Battersea Park station. A Class 422 4 BIG and a more modern Class 455 EMU can be seen stabled in Battersea Pier Sidings. There is a later shot of Mark Frankel driving his car around Staples Corner, Brent Cross, and a Class 319 passes over Welsh Harp viaduct on the Midland main line as he passes beneath. The best shots, however, take place at Clapham station on the Carnforth-Settle ‘Little North Western’ route in North Yorkshire. There are some excellent shots of the station, including one ‘going-away’ shot filmed from the back cab of a departing train, and two Class 142 ‘Pacer’ DMU’s feature prominently. These are Nos.142068 and 142084.

As Annette Crosbie ponders what to do with all that glassware on her desk, a Class 422 4 BIG EMU stands in Battersea Pier Sidings. The BIG’s were CIG’s but with a buffet car and only 28 were built.
And in this view from the office, the buffet car of the BIG is visible through the right hand window, thus confirming it is not a CIG (if that makes sense!) Through the left hand window, a more modern Class 455 EMU can be seen stabled.
This is Staples Corner, Brent Cross, and as the cars pass beneath Welsh Harp Viaduct a Class 319 EMU speeds across. The railway line is the Midland main line between Cricklewood and Hendon stations.
Class 142 ‘Pacer’ DMU No.142084 rounds the curve into Clapham station. The other Clapham, in North Yorkshire.
This shot has been included as it shows the identity of the other departing ‘Pacer’. DMS vehicle No.55718 belonged to set 142068.
Clapham station as viewed from the rear of a departing train. As shots of railway stations go this is a good one.