1hr 16mins
Dirs: Henry Cornelius and Charles Crichton
Starring: Michael Redgrave and Joan Hickson

A crook desperately attempts to prevent his son from learning of his career

There are a couple of scenes in this comedy crime movie that were filmed at Windsor & Eton Central station. The first scene features GWR coaching stock, and although the loco is visible at the helm, it is too far off to identify. The following sequence onboard the train is a studio reconstruction with ‘back-projection’. Interestingly, the image through the window shows a departure from London Victoria with a run to Clapham Junction, though no trains are seen! Later, there is a sequence filmed at Fishguard Harbour station, but on the ‘quay’ side of the platforms so no trains are present. The final scenes filmed at Windsor not only show a train in the platform again, but also an unusual close-up three-quarters view of the smokebox of an ex-GWR 4-6-0. The film was based on the 1954 novel Smugglers’ Circuit by Denys Roberts and direction was started by Henry Cornelius, who sadly died whilst making the film. He was replaced by Charles Crichton, who was credited as directing the completed movie.

Robert Morley at Windsor & Eton Central station
A train is given the right away from Windsor & Eton Central. The loco at the front is too far off to identify though it is an ex-GWR tender loco.
Now for something a little more unusual. This is Fishguard Harbour station, with Michael Redgrave on the ‘quay’ side of the station building, which is visible on the right.
Whilst these are the steps that descend down to the subway from the platform at Fishguard Harbour
Michael Redgrave and Robert Morley walk alongside a train at Windsor & Eton Central station
This is thought to be the smokebox detail of an ex-GWR ‘Hall’ though the whole number remains tantalisingly out of view. Sources suggest, however, that the loco shown here is No.5925 Eastcote Hall.
Robert Morley’s train departs with an ex-GWR ‘Hall’ at the front
As he watches the train depart, Michael Redgrave begins to head out of the station. This area was swept away under the redevelopment of Windsor & Eton Central station. The only remaining railway infrastructure is the platform in the far background. The platform that Michael Redgrave is standing on is now a car park, though if it is any consolation at all you can now see Windsor Castle from this spot whereas it was not previously visible!