1hr 29mins
Dir: Paul Stein
Starring: Ellen Pollock and Jimmy Hanley

A young woman’s mother wants her to marry her rich and pompous boss yet she instead falls for the charms of a kindly soldier

This comedy romance was once thought lost, but its prints appear to have been taken to the US and it was re-released in the UK in 2013. It has some railway interest that opens with shots of what purports to be the platforms at Euston, with various glimpses of trains interspersed with the usual studio-bound carriages. The train pulls away to a shot of the forward motion of an LMS ‘Patriot’ 4-6-0, and these departure shots appear to use Glasgow Central. The train journey has the usual shots of passing track, wheels and motion, and blurred scenery, whilst the train interior is a studio set with rolling back-projection, but we do get to see a couple of glimpses of suburban services hauled by LMS 2-6-4 tank engines, one of which appears to be passing South Kenton station on the southern end of the West Coast main line. However, the railway sequence ends with an excellent shot of LMS Class 1P 2-4-2T No.6743 pulling into what is said to be Rugby, but which is in fact Bricket Wood (there is a shot of a sign showing “Rugby. Change for West Chester Line”, which seems odd if not downright wrong!). No.6743 is a rare bird on film. It is former LNWR Webb 5ft 6in 2-4-2T No.1402. The “5ft 6in” in the title referred to the diameter of the driving wheels – although the stated dimension was for the wheel centres – the nominal diameter including the tyres was 5 ft 8+1⁄2 in! 160 were built, effectively tank versions of Webb’s ‘Precursor’ Class, and 43 made it into BR ownership in 1948 but not No.6743, which was withdrawn in 1944.

This opening shot shows trains lurking in the depths of a station, said in the film to be ‘Euston’, which is possible
The train is readied for departure. Judging by the roof this could be Glasgow Central, which the next departure shot will attest to.
The train begins to pull away. The locomotive is an unrebuilt ‘named’ LMS ‘Patriot’ 4-6-0.
Passengers wave goodbye as the train pulls out of the platform. I believe this is Glasgow Central. The roof line matches but the real clue is the sign on the left for The Reid Gear Co. who were based in Linwood, Paisley.
This shot appears to show a local service passing South Kenton station in the hands of an LMS 2-6-4T. The two tracks on the right are 4th rail electrified so these are the Watford DC lines. An island platform narrows the station down to just two, Carpenders Park and South Kenton, with the straight track favouring the latter.
This grainy image shows another LMS 2-6-4T on a suburban train
I have included a shot of the spurious ‘Rugby’ sign for good measure. The West Chester line is completely wrong, but no doubt refers to the West Cheshire line.
This is rare, and thankfully we do get to see the identity of this locomotive. This is Bricket Wood station and the tank engine bringing its train into the platform is LMS Class 1P 2-4-2T No.6743. The former LNWR Webb 5ft 6in tank was withdrawn in 1944. The image is probably from the mid-1930s.