1hr 40mins
Dir: Kaige Chen
Starring: Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes

A woman becomes dangerously involved with a mysterious celebrity mountaineer

This erotic and passionate drama is based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Nicci French. It includes a number of scenes on the London Underground, namely the Waterloo & City Line platforms at Waterloo with unrefurbished 1992-built tube stock and the Northern Line terminus at High Barnet with 1995-built tube stock. There are also shots onboard the tube trains. The concourse of Marylebone BR station makes a brief appearance and the final scene takes place on the escalators of Canary Wharf Underground station, though they are representing the escalators of an international airport.

Jason Hughes and Heather Graham are in the foreground of this scene that was shot on the concourse of London Marlylebone
This is platform 25 at Waterloo station, on the Waterloo & City Line. This is the departure platform for trains to Bank, whilst platform 26 on the opposite side of the wall (to the right of and obscured by the train) is for arrivals. The platforms are numbered 25 and 26 to coincide with the mainline terminus above, a vestige left over from its BR days. Another remnant of this era is the remains of the NSE livery applied to the train of 1992 stock that stands in the platform.
A busy scene onboard a Waterloo & City Line train
The 1992 stock train departs for Bank revealing the wall on the right, on the other side of which is platform 26
Heather Graham walks along the footbridge at High Barnet station, one of the three northern termini of the Northern Line
A view of the platform sign and proof, if this was needed, of the location
Heather Graham makes here way down the stairs to the Northern Line train of 1995-stock standing in platform 2
Heather Graham sits all alone on a Northern Line train
The film ends with this view looking down the escalators at Canary Wharf station on the Jubilee Line