1hr 15mins
Dir: David Paltenghi
Starring: Ronald Shiner and Diane Hart

A salesman tries to promote his amazing vacuum cleaner

This pretty weak comedy features some scenes that were filmed close to the former Studland Road Junction on the District Line with a train of R stock passing in one shot.

Although the street sign reads Paradise Row this in in fact Colvin Street, London W6. A District Line train of R stock is passing on the other side of the wall, next stop Hammersmith.
Without any trains to spoil the view we can now clearly see the former LSWR viaduct that linked Studland Road Junction with both Grove Junction at Hammersmith, and Richmond Junction at Kensington. This link was out of use by as early as 1916 yet despite this, the derelict viaduct still stands. The routes north, however, have long since been redeveloped. Oddly, the Paradise Row street sign has gone from the wall!!