1hr 48mins
Dir: Michael Sarne
Starring: Geneviève Waïte and Donald Sutherland

A provincial girl is entangled in the mod morality of London

This musical drama is a rather whimsical look at 60’s swinging London but it isn’t at all clear at times what it is trying to portray. The opening scenes were filmed in black and white at London Paddington. There are random shots of various parts of the station, the comings and goings of passengers are viewed, and the people at work are glimpsed which, combined with a smooth jazz score over the top, gives one the impression that the production team where making an attempt at recreating the moody shots of Waterloo in John Schlesinger’s 1961 classic Terminus. They may have failed in this attempt, but it is an interesting parody and still a fine opening sequence. During all this, Geneviève Waïte arrives on a train hauled by a Class 52 ‘Western’ and diesel-hydraulics abound in these shots. There is a clear glimpse of a Class 35 ‘Hymek’ ‘on the blocks’ with a Class 22 diesel-hydraulic visible alongside, and a DMU in one scene looks like it maybe a Class 119, a rare type to have been captured. The Class 22 is an even rarer machine to find in a feature film, there not being much footage of these relatively short-lived locomotives. The film’s ending features a big song-and dance-performance on the platforms of Paddington, now in full colour and with plenty of Mk1 coaches present. Another Class 52 ‘Western’ is just visible in the background, whilst the scene ends with an extreme close-up shot of a Mk.1 being propelled into the platform. Then the credits roll.

The locomotive on the left, despite only half of it being visible, is a Class 22, a very rare loco indeed. Another diesel-hydraulic is on the right in the form of a Class 35, which has arrived into platform 4 on 1A04.
This is one of the finest artistic shots to appear in any movie. The end of the curved platforms are visible in this long-lens view from inside the station.
A Class 52 arrives on headcode 3A26 with a Class 117 DMU on the left
It isn’t all trains that are captured in this opening sequence as there are lots of gratuitous shots of people. Here we see a young lady reading next to a period poster featuring a two-tone green Class 47!
A busy scene at Paddington with two rakes of Mk.1 coaches in the foreground and a DMU to the left
On closer inspection, the DMU looks to be a ‘Gloucester’ Class 119
This shot from nearer the platform shows the Frome-London roof destination boards on the Mk.1 coaching stock
A high angle view of the train’s arrival switches to colour. Behind the blue and grey Mk.1’s are some DMU vehicles, probably Class 117’s.
The dance sequence at the end, and a Class 52 ‘Western’ can be glimpsed in the left hand background