1hr 47mins
Dir: Val Guest
Starring: Jack Warner and Moira Redmond

Brighton police track down a murderer

This atmospheric crime drama filmed around Brighton and Hove is based on the novel Sleep Long, My Love by Hillary Waugh. Near the start of the film there is a decidedly odd close up shot of the smoke box and chimney of ex-LBSCR Class E4 0-6-2T No.32474, and a more traditional shot of a passing train hauled by a BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T. There are also scenes filmed at both Brighton and Lewes stations, with a 2 BIL EMU departing in close up from the latter. In addition, there is a brief scene that is filmed onboard an SR EMU which stops at East Croydon, a studio-reconstruction with ‘back projection’.

This is the smoke box of E4 0-6-2T No.32474, but why such a strange panning shot should be included is anyone’s guess. The locomotive in its entirety can be seen in Print of Death (1958) – qv.
But this is better. A wonderfully back lit shot of a BR Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4 tank storming away from Brighton. This is the line to Lewes, as viewed from the lineside allotments at Hollingdean with the buildings of Preston Barracks in the background.
Ronald Lewis makes a call from Brighton station
Ronald Lewis at Lewes station (!) with the main ‘London Lines’ to the right
Yolande Donlan on a train at East Croydon. Not really, because this is a studio set with back-projection.