Dir: Lionel Ngakane
Starring: Patrick Hatfield and Nicolette Robinson

A five-year-old white boy meets a young Jamaican girl and takes her on a wide-eyed tour of the local neighbourhood

This charming little childhood tale was produced at a time of rising racial tensions in London, and is quite uplifting in its portrayal of black/white relations. It won its director a plate award at the 1966 Venice Film Festival, the first black British film to be so honoured. The British/South African dramatic short was filmed on location in Notting Hill and there is one scene at the end where, as police search a derelict house for the children, an LT train of Q stock passes by on a Metropolitan Line service.

As a police officer searches an abandoned and derelict house in Notting Hill, a train of Q stock passes by in the background. It will be working a Metropolitan Line service.