1hr 11mins
Dir: Montgomery Tully
Starring: William Hartnell and Betty McDowell

When a safe at a club is robbed, the police and the owner of the club want to track down the robber, but for very different reasons

This crime drama has a scene filmed outside the entrance to Arsenal Underground station, referred to in the film as ‘the Underground station in Gillespie Road’, its name prior to renaming in 1932. Also, in a view looking west down Gillespie Road towards the East Coast main line a tank locomotive can be seen shunting but it is almost completely obscured by the coal wagons standing on the adjacent siding.

A crowd mingles outside Arsenal station. There must be a match on.
George Mikell stands in the entrance to the station. The signs behind him seem to favour OAP’s but of course will read ‘TICKET HOLDERS THIS WAY’!!
Richard Shaw, William Hartnell and Victor Brooks stand in Gillespie Road, whilst open mineral wagons stand in a siding in the background. The steam locomotive is only just visible between the hats of Hartnell (centre) and Brooks (right). These sidings may form part of Highbury Vale Goods, which closed in 1971.